WaxhaRooF​ ​​and Gutter

Family Owned and Operated

Meet Jimmy Woodall:
owner and operator of Waxhaw roof and gutter llc



James (Jimmy) Woodall has 34+ years experience in the roofing and gutter business in Waxhaw, Charlotte, and surrounding areas. Throughout the years, Jimmy has worked for small local roofing companies, managed departments in large firms, worked for suppliers and run his own business, with this varied experience he has pulled the best practices from each perspective of the roofing industry. He has loyal crews that have worked with him for years; some of the guys have been working with him since his first days on a roof. Each job has a lead foreman on site at all times who reports directly into Jimmy.  He’s seen it all when it comes to roofs and gutters: new, replacement, repair, raccoons in attics, you name it, he’s seen it and can take care of it for you.


Jimmy grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. His dad was a Preacher, his mom was Office Manager for the US Attorney; they had 6 kids, Jimmy being the youngest son. He met his wife Cheryl at church camp when they were teenagers. He worked there each summer and her family was there for the week…picture the movie "Dirty Dancing", just less Dirty and no dancing, although there was a quick kiss on the cheek when he sold Cheryl a popsicle at the canteen. From there they started dating and eventually married.

After they finished school, Jimmy and his wife Cheryl moved their young family to the Charlotte area in the early 80’s. Cheryl had found a job in electronics and Jimmy worked installing and repairing roofs and gutters. As his experience grew (and his family) Jimmy eventually moved into sales and management. He has extensive knowledge and experience in shingle, flat, metal, slate, wood shake, and tile roofing. He takes pride in what he does and thoroughly enjoys it. When driving around town with his family, Jimmy often will point out houses and buildings he has roofed. After a vacation to Japan with his wife, he was showing his family pictures and almost half were of roofs because he was so excited about the different materials, techniques, and architecture.

​Jimmy and Cheryl have been married 40 years and have 3 beautiful daughters, 5 spoiled grandchildren,, 1 great-grandchild, and 1 dog, Ziva, that he spoils almost as much as the grandchildren. They bought their first house in Mineral Springs, NC in the 80’s and have loved the Waxhaw area ever since. When not working, Jimmy can be found supporting the local shops and restaurants in Waxhaw, fishing, camping, and playing with the grandkids.